Monday, 8 September 2014

My experience with That Pole Guy

Okay, I've been staring at the screen for a while now wondering how do I describe my experience with That Pole Guy, aka Travis Scott.

It's so hard to put in to words because it's not so much an experience, Travis takes you on an adventure.

Travis is first and foremost a performer. From the moment I laid eyes on him at the studio he was performing. He was loud, funny, flirty, and had that sense of naughty about him. Everything was exaggerated: the moves, the quips, the laughs, and everything was fabulous. I have since determined that's The Pole Guy, he's just fabulous personified.
I thought the Death By Stiletto T-shirt apt
The class I did with Travis was a Beginner Heels Workshop. If you don't know much of Travis's work he can do the most AMAZING eye boggling things on a pole and on the floor in 7 inch heels, be they thigh high black patent boots or strappies, he just makes you gasp. I did a lot of gasping. Oh, he's spectacular without the heels too, but this day, this workshop, was a heels day.
My 6 inch Pleasers
One of the first things I noticed about Travis's physicality is the man is just lean muscle. I don't think there is an ounce of excess fat anywhere on this man's body. It did cross my mind that I'd like to take him home for a huge pasta meal followed by cake but I think that was just the maternal instinct surfacing in that moment, or bitchy jealousy, I'm not 100% sure - could go either way.

Next was how Travis moves. You would have to be blind to not immediately see this man IS a dancer. He is graceful, he's elegant, he's smooth. Even when he's crashing about and stumbled it just looked like he was doing his own choreography.

So the class started with the obligatory warm up, Travis spoke briefly about himself and found out what level we were at and if anyone had taken one of his classes before, a few had. I was one of the few baby polers in the group. Yep, I am old and wizened, but a baby poler still. He took us through how to walk in heels, walking forwards, backwards, sideways, using our hips, counterbalancing, all the necessary elements. Then we went into a short choreographed dance sequence. This was where the skill of the dancer came well in to play. Travis could make up and retain choreography on the go. If it didn't work he just tweaked it a bit and ran us through it all again. I marvel at this ability, some days I amaze myself that I manage to get dressed completely before heading out the door. And lists, lists, I am the queen of lists - no list, no recall.

Throughout the 90 minute session Travis talked about his history, people in his life, and his future plans. It was nice to listen to someone so well known on the Australian pole circuit reveal a bit of themselves. It made him real and not just this amazing performer. I liked that.
First a hug
After the workshop was finished it was group photo time followed by individual pics too. Travis was so patient, holding people in different poses, trying to make each one unique and special. When it got to my turn I stood next to him and next thing he lifted me onto his hip. Such strength and such ease, yes I was impressed. I sat perched on his hip for quite a few minutes as one of my friends took pictures. My camera shit itself (I will write more about my love/hate relationship with my Samsung Galaxy S5) so she took a heap with hers while Travis and I chatted, no awkwardness at all, well not on my part, it seemed like this was a not too unfamiliar occurrence, sitting on some gentleman's hip talking about anything.
Having a chat
Our studio kindly handed out free posters and Travis hung around signing each and every one of them. I was the last to have mine signed. While we were sitting on the couch talking as he wrote, I asked him about injuries - having not long returned after a 6 month rehab I am kind of obsessing about injuries and how to avoid doing them. That's when Travis switched off the performer to briefly become this serious young man. He told me about his many broken bones and injuries, he moved his knee so I could hear the bone on bone crunching - the exact same sound my ex-ballerina daughters right knee now makes. And he gave me good advice.

In that brief glimpse of the performer being rested and the quiet, genuine, serious, young man appearing, that's the exact moment when I developed a respect for this young man beyond that of a talented performer, to that of a professional with genuine knowledge and wisdom. That was when I was impressed, truly impressed by Travis Scott. That's when I decided one day I would love to sit down and do a serious in depth interview to get to know the man behind the performer better, one leisurely day, somewhere, sometime.

So, if you ever have an opportunity to do any kind of class, workshop, private, anything by Travis Scott, I recommend you do. You will be entertained, educated, enlightened, and leave feeling very accomplished, that you've moved your body and then some, and trust me you'll be feeling pretty damned fabulous yourself.

Thank you Travis... xox
He poses so well, me - I think I'm channeling my dirty old woman

Friday, 22 August 2014

Blog Hop, August - 10 songs I Pole Dance to.

Wow, what a challenging Blog Hop topic!

There are so many amazing songs to pole dance to. Each as diverse as the mood or story the dancer wants to convey, be it sensual, playful, energetic, or whimsy.

My taste in music has always been eclectic, and I love it that way. I embrace the diversity, I embrace how different music reaches a different part of who I am, how it can touch my soul or open me emotionally and expose me.

For the type of pole dancing I do on my own, in private and for my own pleasure, I will confess to burning up over the sensual, blatantly sexual, and sometimes pounding music. It's the rhythm that drives how I'll move my body, the sways, the swivels, the flicks and kicks.

Now to set the scene...
Low lighting, be it candle light, fairy lights, or a soft lamp.
Take your hair out, set it free for those head rolls and essential hair flicks.
Put on your favourite pole clothes, or bikini, or lingerie set, or whatever.
Strap on those 6 inch heels.
Turn the music up loud, really loud.
Start with a slow song and as your body warms up and tunes in to your dancing progress to faster rhythms.

Happy pole dancing... xox

*Addendum - Since posting this piece I've had to stop myself from coming in and switching out songs for others, there are just so many awesomely brilliant songs to pole to. My faves change on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, especially when I stumble across a 'new' artist :)

1. Amy Irving - WHY DON'T YOU DO RIGHT

2. Chris Isaak - BABY DID A BAD, BAD THING

3. Lenny Kravitz - AMERICAN WOMAN

4. George Michael - FREEK

5. Rihanna - ROC ME OUT


7. Joel Fletcher & Savage - SWING

8. Flo Rida - HOW I FEEL


10. Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - BANG BANG

This blog entry is part of a Blog Hop: a monthly writing event that enables independent Pole Dancing bloggers the opportunity to provide a unique perspective on a common theme.
To find out more about this months blog hop please click on the link: PDBA August Blog Hop

Friday, 15 August 2014

I get a Do-Over

I get a real do-over. Not just one I fantasize about in my head, but a real, authentic, tangible, do-over.

I started pole dancing one year ago, on the 16th of August, starting my first level course at the Pole Gym.

The ensuing twelve months have a been completely unexpected, unpredictable, and not even hinted at on my radar.

If you want to know more in detail just scroll through previous blog posts, but a basic run down consists of:
Joining, level one, loving it, training, graduating, performance night. Level two, loving it more, more training, pole at home, lap dance classes, more training, casual classes, more training, performance night. Pain, training, more pain, ignoring it and training, unable to lift self to support body weight on the pole, hopeless doctor, clever physio, torn ligaments in both elbows, six months rehab, no poling, no training. The sadness arrives, frustrated, eating too much, daughter has surgery, son has a serious crisis, external family breakdown. Given a great massage therapist, psychologist for the family, feeling hopeful, start returning to light courses, floor work. Daughter okay, son smiling again, all clear to re-start training. Pole Gym's first birthday special - do two level courses and second one greatly reduced. Clever me thinks hmmmm, perfect. Enrolls, starts a good diet, mentally ready, physically all good to go, so let's get back into it: better, healthier, stronger, and wiser.


And here I am.

I am back at the beginning. I'm doing Level One and Level Two concurrently during this six week term.

My way of thinking is I already know the tricks and moves expected of my body and my muscles, I just need to strengthen them and draw on their memory to execute the moves. This first week I think I have done okay all things considered.

The hardest part of this week was being the 'sorta' newbie. My old crowd are now progressing beyond Level Seven, contemplating Graduate Programs, participating in Pole Games, and just generally being the awesome pole people they are.

Then there's me, I'm back at the start and with a whole bunch of people I don't know at all.
So there was the usual 'new kid' anxiety that comes up when you're on your own and meeting a new group. I was never one of those people who brought a friend along, I just did it cause I wanted to for myself. And being on my own I could be selfish if I wanted to stay longer, linger, chat, or just skip it if I wasn't well without letting anyone else down.

My level one group is lovely. I'm the only repeat in it, the others are first timers. When we went around and did a brief intro I told them I was an oldie and that my original group were the 'big' girls (as in the experienced strong polers we all look to in awe, like the seniors in school when we're juniors). So I told them they were now my new crew, and they will be.

Our Level One routine is the same one I did when I originally did it a year ago. I think this is great because I can concentrate and focus executing the basic tricks and moves really well, yet the choreography is already implanted in my brain. Nice huh!

My level two group I met last night, I again knew none of them. One lady is a repeat from last term taking up the special offer and using it to perfect and really nail the moves and tricks. Good for her I say. The others have progressed on from the previous Level One course. This routine is a different one to the one I learnt. It has the same tricks and climbs but a different choreography and a different song.

Just between you and me, I really like this one more than the other one, it's prettier, flowy-er, and seems more contemporary dance like. I love it and I'm really getting into it and can't wait until it's done and we make it more dance like. I just love that kind of stuff.

So I'm back.

Today my muscles ache in such a familiar way that I can't help smile. I've done the hard part and met my class mates and my instructors, two strong ladies who I already know I'm going to learn heaps from.

I feel like I'm a newbie again, but with an experienced head.

I'm definitely wiser for this past year, and I know it will make me a better, stronger, fitter, and lasting pole dancer in the long run.

Because I've already had a disjointed, interrupted, and stalled year of poling, I can unequivocally declare pole dancing is wholly and solely for me and it is something I definitely want to improve at over time. I will take it slower. I will nail each level to my satisfaction before I progress up, and I know I will get there because I want this.

I'm in it for the long haul and because I'm not going anywhere I'm gonna totally enjoy the ride, the climb, the spin, the tricks, the combos, the performances, and the competitions.

If you don't know me, let me introduce myself: I'm Deb, I'm a blogger, and I'm a pole dancer.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I've lost my Pole Mojo

I finally have to confess and it hurts to say it... I've lost my Pole Dancing mojo.

I have no motivation, no inspiration, and definitely no desire to Pole Dance. I want to cry, it's just so sad to no longer desire something that made me feel so alive, so sensual, so vital.

Two months ago everything stopped, not just pole dancing, everything I took time out to do for myself came to an abrupt and unplanned halt. Huge unexpected family dramas, internal and external to my little family of four, smashed into me with all the ensuing emotion, stress, and definitely overwhelming chaos.

I've just had to ride it out while finding answers for myself during this time and I've been terribly, terribly sad. I spent the first month crying many times each and every day. I could feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into a very sad state and have been struggling with figuring out how to find my way out.

I think time has helped plenty.

Time spent thinking, feeling, talking, lots of talking, and then even more talking, and I'm finding myself starting to look forward and planning ahead. I don't cry as frequently, maybe weekly now, but I am nowhere near my happy place yet and I'm only now starting to find joy in the simplest of things again.

The last few days I've felt change starting.
I'm at an emotionally stable place where I can start to put in to practice the things I tell others when they seek my advice:

It's time to stop the tears.
It's time to take the steps.
It's time to find my happy again.

I have to start doing things for myself again, even when I don't feel like it. I know with time and self nurturing the joy will come back, the happiness will return, and to top it off I will get my mojo back. All I have to do is make a start.

So what have I done to get things started. You ready for this?

I bought black leather over the knee boots. Oh, yes I did!
I bought a nice red dress with black leather strips through it. Oh, yes I did!
I bought some lovely underwear, the kind with bling on it. Oh, yes I did!
And I'm actually planning on wearing it to an event this weekend.
It looks much better on, will try to take a pic when dressed up :)
While I'm carrying more weight than I'm comfortable with, comfort eating when sad is such an unforgiving bitch, I'm pulling this ensemble together in the hope that even though I don't feel it, or think I look it, maybe I can fake it. Maybe I can fake confidence, maybe I can fake sexy, maybe I can fake happiness. I've got to try because I need to move from where I am at the moment.

And as much as I have no desire to do anything physical, I miss how it made me feel.
I miss what I could do. I miss my fitness. I miss dancing. I miss my pole. I miss dancing sexily, using my strength and muscles, wearing heels, sweating, moving, lifting and swaying, finding that incredibly sensual side to dancing, I miss all that and more.
My abandoned pole. Must change that soon :)
And I've missed dancing with like minded people most of all. I've stayed away from my pole family because I just couldn't burden them. I couldn't bring my sadness near them, infect them with negativity, it's so contagious. I needed to work through this, I still need to work through this, and I am. I will see them for the first time this weekend as we head out to the Queensland Pole Championships as a large group. I've scored VIP at the primo table on the night, yep I got lucky. I'm actually looking forward to it too, seeing the ladies and watching the performers, some of whom I've poled with, yeah I'm sorta rubbing shoulders with known and soon-to-be-known people in my pole world.

Mostly, I'm hoping being at this event and seeing my pole family will help re-ignite that spark, or set me willingly on the path to strap on my pole shoes, crank up the music, and get dancing dirty again. I think I need it, it gives me that balance, that mental energy to cope with anything, and definitely that spark in my eyes that hints of the naughty things I'm capable of.

So while I'm not 'back', I'm skirting the fringes looking for a way in, ready to find a way in.
I'll get there, I just need to be patient with myself, be gentle, and give those I love time. We'll all get there in the end.

Hopefully I'll find myself willingly swinging off a pole once more.

I'll keep you in the loop.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Review - Fisiocrem

Regular Grip And Squeeze readers will know I've just come off a five month injury. I did a pretty decent job tearing the ligaments around the inner part of my right elbow. – Medial Epicondylitis, also known as golfer’s elbow; I think we should seriously investigate having that renamed to Poler’s Elbow.

During the five month recovery I've not been able to pole, no lifting things with my right hand, and trying to rest it as much as I could… which is a nightmare when you are right hand dominant, seriously dominant.

Part of my treatment regime included massage, icing, gentle stretching, and at one point dry needling. Over the course of the five months one treatment was a constant because it helped so much, and that was the use of fisiocrem.
Apart from poling, blogging, crappy selfie taking, and occasional bursts of awesomeness, I'm a football (soccer)/futsal mum and a dance mum. Muscular injury, muscular aches, and the associated pains are nothing new in my household.

For many years we'd used a different product that enabled you to smell us before we arrived, cleared out your sinus passages quick smart, made you feel as though your skin was on fire, and occasionally would somehow end up in your eyes, even after you thoroughly washed your hands, twice.

Fisiocrem is almost the opposite. The smell is subtle, which is nice if you’re still trying to live a life away from any sort of poling or sport scene. You can actually smell your perfume/manfume and not be overwhelmed by the smell of the cream.

With fisiocrem you don’t feel as though your skin is melting into your muscles from the heat. Sometimes I get a gentle warming sensation in my muscle, sometimes it’s a cool sensation. I don’t know why there is a difference or what causes it, its luck of the draw but neither is unpleasant or makes you feel uncomfortable.

The makers do tout the natural ingredients; it is free of hydroxybenzoates and parabens, and delivers a high level of active plant extracts. I’m fortunate to not be affected by any sensitivity to ingredients, but holistically I can see this as a bonus. No nasty’s to worry about if you do end up using it over the longer term as I have and continue to do.

I do find it great to help with relieving that muscular ache we're notorious for getting from overuse or fatigue.

It's easy enough to use. Apply a generous amount, half to one teaspoon, and gently massage in to the affected area a few times a day. With my footballer son I generally back this up with icing, my dancer daughter usually gets a leg massage applying it to the achy muscle underneath the massage oil. Both kids prefer it to any other ones we’ve used in the past.

One tip, I do keep mine in my poling bag and find it nice to massage in the sore muscle prior to my long'ish drive home.  
Thank goodness for my poling bag, hides all my ‘need’ stuff.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Review - Rockin LEGS n' ABS with Cleo The Hurricane

Three days ago I decided I should actually ‘do’ the Rockin Legs n’ Abs with Cleo The Hurricane DVD if I wanted to review it properly. 
DVD cover
Three days ago I had no muscular aches, tenderness, or soreness whatsoever. Three days ago I could not distinguish between my hamstring muscles, my adductors, or my glutes. Three days ago I was a normal, reasonably healthy, though not as fit as I used to be (through injury), pole dancing blogger.

Today, three days AFTER doing Cleo The Hurricane’s Rockin Legs n’ Abs DVD, I’m reminded of my own mortality with every bend, twist, turn, step, squat, or sneeze. I’m reminded how good it is to be alive. I’m reminded that I have muscles for a reason. And I am reminded I should use them more, push them harder, and the ache I’m feeling now really does hurt so damn good. 
Cleo left me destroyed, for a while, in a good way
Rockin Legs n’ Abs with Cleo The Hurricane is a one hour fitness DVD broken on to nine chapters. Each chapter addresses specific muscle groups or activities:
Chapter 1 – Warm-up, Chapter 2 – Rockin’ Legs, Chapter 3 – Abs of Steel, Chapter 4 - Bangin’ Buns, Chapter 5 – Kick Ass Quads, Chapter 6 – Lunges and High Kicks, Chapter 7 – Advanced Leg Holds, Chapter 8 – Maximum Flexibility - Middle Splits, and Chapter 9 – Maximum Flexibility – Front Splits.

It’s not a necessity to do the full one hour program, as I did for the review, to obtain benefit. Cleo suggests selecting the warm up chapter plus four chapters per session, then doing them four times per week. I agree the benefits will be incredible in doing just that and as your strength, flexibility, or time available allows, you can do more.

Now the DVD itself is free from distraction, high quality, and thoughtful in its use of multi angle coverage. It’s easy to see how the moves and sequences should be done even if it is challenging to do them when you’re as out of shape as I am. There is minimal and basic instruction on positioning, angling, or corrections, it’s pretty much follow what Cleo does and listen when she speaks. Common sense prevails as always – work at your own pace, push to your limit, if it hurts pull back or stop.

I will confess I cannot get my feet up near my ears as the women on the DVD could, but I got them as high as I was able and held them as long as I could, as instructed. I struggled with the fan kick in the Lunges and High Kicks sequences, I just couldn’t co-ordinate them so I repeated the side kick. I know with time I’ll have the fitness, co-ordination, and skill to be able to do them as the DVD ladies do.

There is no shame in using the remote control to repeat, pause, or see how much longer you have to go. Likewise having a neighbour, loved one, or ambulance on speed dial… just in case.

Oh, it needs to be said this is not a pole dancing DVD or pole fitness DVD. You don’t need a pole at all in fact, you don’t wear heels, and there is no dance moves to learn. There is a section where a chair is used for balance, but if you do have a pole accessible you can use that. 
The ladies using chairs... and giving you a shot of flexibility to aim for
Rockin Legs n’ Abs is a fitness DVD focusing on strength and flexibility. Cleo’s background includes ballet, fitness training, pole dancing, teaching, winning championships, and being awesome. She is one of my Australian pole crushes and I will admit her DVD kicked my arse and gave me the motivational wakeup call I needed to get on with it.  

Yes, I will definitely be doing Rockin LEGS n' ABS with Cleo The Hurricane DVD again and I’m looking forward to her new DVD to see her progression as a fitness educator and producer of quality fitness DVD’s.

Click on the following link to purchase your own copy of Cleo's DVD: Pole Fitness World

Monday, 31 March 2014

Blog Hop, March - A Reveal

The theme of this months PDBA blog hop gives the poling blogger two options to explore. We could either interview someone within our pole world or write a personal revelation that our audience may not know.

I still consider myself too much of a 'newbie' within the pole world to chase after an interview. My own knowledge base isn't sufficient to ask questions and explore issues with some degree of insight or intelligence. After reading some fellow PDBA member's blog hop's I have decided to take the plunge and write a reveal about myself.

I do agree with some of my colleagues that to reveal something unknown is to show our reader more of ourselves than perhaps we are comfortable with. We position ourselves in a place where we may be rejected, may lose a reader, or be criticized. It's quite a leap of faith and trust on both sides and a hope of acceptance.

Most bloggers who write a personal blog, like mine, are often decried as over-sharers, and I have no problem with that. If I didn't want you to know I wouldn't tell you, and I sincerely believe you're savvy enough a reader that if you weren't interested you wouldn't waste your time reading it.

With regard to over sharing you better believe there is so much more to me that I haven't revealed: because I don't want to, don't need to, or just don't consider it anyone's business - in the nicest possible and inoffensive way of course.

I have previously written a blog post titled About Me in my other blog Embracing Cliche. Clicking on the title will link you to these specific sites. Most of the information is still relevant even though it's almost one year old.

I am kind of nervous in writing this reveal. Not nervous about being judged, I honestly believe what you think and what your opinions may be are absolutely no business of mine. They belong to you and are yours and yours alone.

I'm nervous because it isn't something too widely known. It is personal. It is sort of intimate. I will confess that I don't necessarily blurt it out because I am more than just this one facet of my life.

So, what is my reveal?

I write short stories, erotic fiction short stories, short stories about sex, sex scenes in explicit detail.

How was that for you? Had you already guessed? Did you anticipate something more salacious? Do you feel let down? I hope not. I hope you just go "Oh, okay" and be okay with it. It's just something that I enjoy, stretches my brain in a creative direction, and gives me great satisfaction with regards to how it is received.
My erotic fiction writing is not debauched, not violent, not debased. Not that there is anything wrong with that, if that's your kind of thing. No, my erotic fiction is gentle, consensual, explicit, heterosexual sex scenes pretty much. The scenarios I favour tend more towards the older woman, younger man, of course. I see my erotic fiction writing as an extension of my own fantasies in which the characters and scenes I explore in my head end up taking on their own personalities and guide me through what they would like to do in their own story.

Because I only write short scenes as it were, the stories are limited in what is involved. I keep the descriptive features of the characters to a minimum so the reader can immerse themselves into that role and take on the scenario they're reading, to truly enjoy the scene. However the scene's and sexual interactions are very explicit and detailed.

The feedback I've received right from even before I started publishing these stories has been overwhelmingly positive. University lecturers, published authors, other wanna be writer's like me, all gave me encouragement and support to write and to publish, to just get it out in the public domain.

Readers have had me in tears with the feedback they've given me. Women who have been sexually damaged have taken time out to let me know for the first time in a long time they've felt arousal, or stimulation, and motivation to contemplate fantasising about sex themselves again. That in itself has been the best reward.

So there you have it, March's Blog Hop - My reveal. I pole, I blog, and occasionally I'll even write a pretty decent sex scene.